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Building off Series of London Pop Up Successes Liquor Shakes is Now Accepting Bookings for Both Corporate Events and Private Celebrations-0
23rd January 2017

Building off Series of London Pop Up Successes Liquor Shakes is Now Accepting Bookings for Both Corporate Events and Private Celebrations

Milkshakes for grownups is clearly an idea whose time has come. Liquor Shakes has been answering the call wowing people across the UK with one successful pop up adventure after another. Recently, the company announced they are now accepting bookings of all kinds – letting customers bring Liquor Shakes right to their own party or special event.

It’s not hard to understand why Liquor Shakes has won over so many people with their combination of delicious luxury Alcoholic Milkshakes and high energy, fun attitude. Starting off with a series of very popular pop up appearances across London, that feature their soon-to-be famous shakes, games and other activities, the company recently announced the next step in their growth – accepting bookings for corporate events, private celebrations and even alcohol-free kids’ parties. The response to the news has been extremely enthusiastic.


“People love the idea and the experience of our milkshakes for grownups,” commented Tanisha who runs Liquor Shakes with her sister Jay. “We have a fully stocked mobile bar that’s perfect for all kinds of events and are experts at making sure everyone has a great time. Why not be a little adventurous and add that extra something, like the presence of our Mobile Milkshake Bar, to take the adventure to the next level.”


According to the company, the Liquor Shakes recipes use premium ingredients to deliver as great an alcoholic milkshake as possible. Premium liquors like Smirnoff, Jack Daniels and Disorannos are all featured, as well as organic milk, luxury ice creams and a number of different flavor choices. Current favorite milkshakes include Sexual Chocolate and Randy Brandy, plus warm options to help fight the chill of the cold weather.


Tanisha and Jay are always willing to discuss any potential Liquor Shakes appearances and to see how they can best meet the party or event’s needs.


Early feedback from customers has been very positive in every way.


Helen C., from London, recently said in a five star review, “I was lucky enough to get to try Liquor Shakes alcoholic milkshakes at a really fun street food market and couldn’t love them more than I do. Sexual Chocolate is just about the best thing ever. I can’t wait to bring all my friends and go get some more Liquor Shakes soon!”


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